Blossom Games is an independent games, middleware and content production company based in Poland. Our team consists of skilled professionals, experienced in many areas of games development, including both gameplay and (in particular) technology. Working on games and technology that stands behind them is not just our everyday routine. It’s our passion!

Consulting and Outsourcing

We provide consulting and outsourcing services. If You are interested in cooperation please feel free to contact us.

Areas we provide expertise in:

  • general games, engine, middleware and tools programming (C/C++, C#)
  • Unity 3D
  • rendering (OpenGL, DirectX, shaders)
  • audio (OpenAL)
  • networking
  • physical simulation
  • AI


Bartosz Chodorowski – my programming journey started in mid 90′s when I played around with Schneider CPC6128, a German clone of Amstrad CPC. Then I switched to PCs and been programming mostly in Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, Perl. I graduated from Wrocław University of Technology with Master’s degree in Computer Science in 2012. I am a Linux and Open Source enthusiast. I am also a gamer and, above everything, I am a game programmer. I was a Lead Programmer at Madman Theory Games for over a year working on a hack and slash mobile/PC game. Currently, I work as an Engine Programmer at Flying Wild Hog. I also co-run a games and middleware company, Blossom Games.

Wojciech Sterna – I have been an avid programmer since 2002. I started with simple programs made in Delphi but quickly moved towards C++, games and graphics programming. From that time on I have continuosly (co-)worked (mostly) on some private game projects. In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Wrocław University of Technology writing a thesis on software rendering using CUDA. This led me to a lovely three-month internship as a DevTech Engineer Intern at NVIDIA London’s office. I had a short episode in Sweden, studying computer graphics for six months. Since that time I have worked professionally mostly on engine/rendering stuff at Madman Theory Games in Wrocław and most recently at Flying Wild Hog in Warsaw. I also co-run a games and middleware company, Blossom Games.